Thermometer showing hot temperatures

Different Ways to Say the Weather Is Hot

We are in the middle of Summer where I live. It has been an awesome summer so far. Some days are hot and a few days have been cool. I know there are parts of the world where it has been super hot.

There have been some crazy rainstorms and flooding along with wildfires! This has been quite a summer and it is only a little over a month old!

So, I thought I would create a list of different ways you can say the weather is hot. Try using these as you speak about the weather this summer. Everyone likes to talk about the weather. Come on!

Here are a few ways to say it is hot outside:

  • It’s a scorcher!
  • It’s boiling!
  • It’s hotter than Hades.
  • It’s hot enough to fry an egg!
  • It’s roasting!
  • You’re gonna melt out there!
  • It’s sweltering!
  • It’s an oven outside.
  • Hot enough for you?

This last one is a great conversation starter. Try it!

Then work one or two of the above sayings into your conversation!

Hopefully, you will be by a pool!

Here is a short video to help you out!