English Vocabulary Boost: Miser, Misery, and Miserable [English Lesson for Beginners]

Would you like to boost your English vocabulary? Well then watch this video to learn the meanings and uses of MISER, MISERY and MISERABLE.

Watch this video to help improve your speaking skills.

“Miser” refers to a person who hoards wealth and is extremely reluctant to spend money. It’s important for ESL learners to recognize that “miser” is a noun, used to describe a specific type of person known for their extreme frugality and reluctance to part with their money.

“Misery” is a noun that describes a state of extreme unhappiness or suffering. It’s crucial for ESL learners to understand that “misery” refers to a feeling or condition of profound discomfort or distress, often caused by external circumstances such as poverty, illness, or loss.

“Miserable” is an adjective used to describe a person, place, or situation that causes or reflects extreme unhappiness or discomfort. ESL learners should recognize that “miserable” is often used to describe someone’s emotional state or the conditions in which they find themselves, indicating a high level of dissatisfaction or suffering.