written on blue background with post it notes of resolutions

Happy New Year!

Welcome English Makes No Sense. My name is SL Rockfish and today we are going to ring in the new year, 2023. How are we going to do that you ask?

Great question!

We are going to do that with the word resolve, spelled r-e-s-o-l-v-e, resolute, spelled r-e-s-o-lu-t-e and finally, resolution, spelled r-e-s–o-l-u-t-i-o-n.

Take a look at these words.

The first word resolve is going to kick off this post. Kick off? Yes, that is a phrasal verb meaning to start or begin. So let’s kick it off!

Resolve – it is both a verb and a noun.

First as a verb it means to find a solution to a problem. You can see the word solve in the word. So, that definition makes sense. Let’s use it in a sentence. “We have to resolve our issues before we move on.” We have to find a solution to our issues before we move on! “ Well, that makes sense. The second definition of resolve is to decide to do something. Here’s an example: “Each year I resolve to get more organized.” Each year I decide to get more organized.” Okay, that too makes sense. Here’s a fun fact: I do resolve to do that every year, and I am never successful! Why? I Don’t know! I just am not an organized person!

Now the second word for this post is resolute. Resolute?

Yep, spelled r-e-s-o-l-u-t-e. Resolute is an adjective. Its meaning is -determined, unwavering. It is good to be resolute when you want to make a change. Translation, it is good to be determined when you want to make a change. See how close resolute is to resolve? We have problem solving, determination and deciding to do something.

And that leads us to our final word: resolution.

What’s a resolution? It’s a noun. What does it mean? A resolution is a firm decision to do something.

This being New Year, we all know a little bit about resolutions don’t we?

Let me use it in a sentence: “One of my resolutions is to be more organized this year!”

See, I told you I make the same resolution each year! I always make a firm decision to get organized. Unfortunately, my resolve is not strong enough to make a success of my resolution!

Wow, isn’t that a mouthful! There you have it, friends. The word family of the day to say hello to 2023. What are those words again? Do you remember? They are: RESOLVE, RESOLUTE and RESOLUTION.

Let me see if I can use these words a few times to help you understand their meaning and tie them into the new year. See, there is a method to my madness!

Here we go: As 2023 begins, I resolve to make more consistent posts for English Makes No Sense on social media, the website and the podcast.

I will resolve to post more on the blog as well, consider today the first day.

I will be resolute in my resolve in order to be successful with my resolution. No, not just to be organized, but to be more consistent with content.

Can I put it all in more of a verse?

Of course I can, I just warmed up first. Here we go:

A Word about Resolve, Resolute and Resolution

When one is resolute,

They are determined

To do something,

For sure or certain

Then you are also

Full of resolve

See, determination

It’s all involved

And finally there is

A resolution

It’s noun

It’s a thing

Let there be no confusion

A resolution

Without resolve

Will have

A terrible conclusion

So be resolute

Be brave

Have no fear

Whatever you do

Happy New Years and thanks for reading this. I appreciate you all. I love having fun with English and I hope to grow this much bigger this year! Have a great new year and we will chat again soon!