How to pronounce the voiced “TH”

The voiced “TH” sound is represented by the letters “th” in words like “the,” “this,” and “those.” To pronounce this sound correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Place the tip of your tongue lightly against the upper front teeth, just behind the top row of teeth.
  2. Allow air to pass between the tongue and the teeth, creating a slight friction.
  3. Gently vibrate the vocal cords to produce a voiced sound.
  4. Exhale as you make the sound.

Here are some commonly used words with the voiced “TH” sound along with their pronunciations:

  1. The:
  • Pronunciation: /ðə/ (thuh)
  1. This:
  • Pronunciation: /ðɪs/ (this)
  1. These:
  • Pronunciation: /ðiz/ (theez)
  1. Those:
  • Pronunciation: /ðoʊz/ (thohz)
  1. Them:
  • Pronunciation: /ðɛm/ (them)
  1. There:
  • Pronunciation: /ðɛər/ (ther)
  1. Though:
  • Pronunciation: /ðoʊ/ (thoh)

Remember to practice these words slowly and pay attention to the positioning of your tongue. With practice, you’ll be able to pronounce voiced “TH” words naturally and accurately.