Legend of Billie Jean Fair Is Fair

Is Fair, Fair?

We have all heard the saying, “Life’s not fair.” No one can argue that. But did you know that there are three definitions for the word fair.

Fair is a noun, an adjective and an adverb! Let’s take a look at fair the noun. Fair the noun is a type of entertainment in a field, park of street, or any large open space really, where people can play games, ride on rides, win prizes and have fun.

Fair the adjective means to be in accordance with the rules or lighter blonde hair or light complexion. Like a fair haired child or person.

Then we have fair the adverb, which means to do something without cheating. You know, play a fair game.

I think there should be another category of fair, and that is the blank fair. What is that? The blank or __ fair is the name given for all sorts of gatherings. Schools have a book fair, a science fair, craft fair and a job fair. Businesses have hiring fairs, where they give out information about their company to workers who may be interested in applying. I guess those would be nouns too, but they don’t have rides, games and fun involved. Not much fun, anyway.

Did you know there are over 20 sayings with the word fair in them. More than 20! That hardly seems fair to other words. But it is true. Let’s take a look at six to begin with, shall we?

Give a fair shake- is a reasonable opportunity to succeed or a fair chance to succeed. It has absolutely nothing to do with shaking, So why is this a saying, why not just say “be fair”. Maybe, because it is not very colorful.

Fair weather– if you are fair weather about something, say for example a fair- weather friend, that means you are not very loyal, you will just be loyal when things are going good, or are successful. Ever hear of a fair weather fan? That is a fan who follows a team only when the team is doing well.

Fair and square- means truthfully without cheating. Okay, that’s easy. But isn’t that just fair? Why does it need …(and square)? I guess fair it is the only shape that rhymes with fair. Strange.

Fair representation- to be represented in good faith. This makes sense. But again. isn’t that just being fair?

Fair deal, fair price– means you are not being ripped off or taken advantage of. Or, you are not being cheated. Which again means fair, so why not just save some words and say,fair?
As I look through all of the sayings with fair, they really are for the most part about not being unfair. all except one. The only saying with fair in it, that absolutely does not seem fair is the saying, fair game.
Fair game– means something or someone that is open to attack because of their standing as a celebrity, public figure or politician. They are “fair game” or open to criticism, being hounded, talked about and having their lives ripped apart merely for thier position as a public figure. That hardly seems fair. So, why do they call it fair game, when it seems like it is neither fair, nor a game ! Why? I don’t know!
But, that is what makes Englsih so fun to study, learn and dissect! The strange relationships of words and phrases. I guess English is fair game in a manner of speaking.

There you have it. It’s not only life that is not fair, but English too. Try and use a saying or two that has fair in it. Give fair a fair shake, if you will!

It’s the only fair thing to do! 😁