A gas station sign that says regular costs an arm, plus costs a leg and premium costs the first born

My Top 5 Idioms to Use

I love to use idioms. We use them everyday. Here are my top five idioms and what they mean:

A piece of cake

When you say something is a piece of cake you are not actually talking about the tasty dessert. No, “a piece of cake” means something is easy to do. For example: I like my job going to work every day is a piece of cake.

Icing on the cake

I love cake and I love icing even more. But “icing on the cake” means that something that was good, just got better. For example, “My boss gave us the day off with pay. The fact that the day was beautiful outside, was the icing on the cake.”

Cost an arm and a leg

When something costs an arm and a leg, that means it is very expensive. It does not mean you have to give over an arm an a leg. For example; I liked the car but it cost an arm and a leg.

All ears

When someone says they are “all ears” they mean they are listening closely. It does not mean they have big ears! For example: When my son tried to explain himself, I was all ears!

Hit the nail on the head

When someone says you “hit the nail on the head”, they mean you know or are describing exactly what the problem is or why something is happening.

Idioms are colorful ways to express yourself.

As you see the image has nothing to do with the meaning. Why?! I don’t know! Come on , English!