English Makes No Sense Notebook

English Makes No Sense Notebook

Classic Black and White Blank Lined Notebook Paperback


A classic “English Makes No Sense” 6 X 9 inch notebook with 120 pages of lined paper.

A handy place to write down new vocabulary words, notes and fun rules about the English language.

You can use it for anything you would like to jot down.

Need a journal?

Would you like to write down new words and phrases that you learn from the English Makes No Sense videos and posts?

Then this would be the perfect journal for you. It’s a bit more serious than the pink brain logo but still a reminder of how crazy English can be. This blank notebook is perfect for keeping a journal, doodling or keeping a log. Come on, whatever you use it for, this will be an awesome notebook!

Why? I do know, because I love notebooks and writing things down!